5 Alarm Fire Engine is the only fire engine birthday party provider for kids in the Inland Empire.  Based out of Rancho Cucamonga, 5 Alarm Fire Engine is owned and operated by a current and local Firefighter who has over 25 years of firefighting experience.  Eight of those years were spent as a firefighter in the United States Air Force, stationed stateside and overseas. He worked as a local ARFF Firefighter at ONT Airport for 18 years until that positioned was retired in 2017 & currently works as an Airport Police Officer.

Aiming for the cone

 Because of the firefighter work schedule, it allows us the time and effort to provide this service.  As firefighters, our station has done many tours and presentations, but sometimes those tours had to be cut short because of a real world emergency while on duty.  5 Alarm Fire Engine gives you full access to the fire engine, the equipment, the turnouts, in-cab switches & buttons, and the hose’s to discharge water with no interruption.

 Our fire engine is a 1988 Beck Ottawa type 1 structural pumper.  It has an open rear cab with two firefighter jumper seats.  The rear hose bed has been configured with bench seating which can accommodate approximately 12-15 people.

We DO NOT only do Birthday parties, we have worked on Movies/Television shows and commercials. We have done Grand Openings, Charity Events, Fire safety presentations at Schools, Weddings, Retirement Parties, Parades and Calendar shoots.